Myduniahosting New Year Offer

  1. The special promotional price is exclusively applicable to new MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING subscriptions (excluding WP SMALL).
  2. The promotional price is valid for the first-year subscription only, and subsequent renewals will be subject to normal pricing.
  3. The promotion is effective from January 2, 2024, to January 31, 2024. Promotion date has been extended to 15 February 2024
  4. To avail of the special 50% discount, users must use the promo code "WP501Q" during checkout.
  5. MYDUNIAHOSTING retains the right to periodically modify and supplement these terms and conditions.
  6. MYDUNIAHOSTING will not be held liable for, nor reimburse, any costs incurred during the active operation of domain names, including websites, emails, and related services.
  7. MYDUNIAHOSTING reserves the right to modify, amend, and/or withdraw this price promotion at its discretion.