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We designed Zimbra Cloud 365 as an alternative email solution for enterprise customers looking for enterprise email solutions and features at a super affordable price. Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition powers our Zimbra Cloud 365 email hosting solution. More than 400 million users trust us.

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Billed annually RM180
  • Mailbox sizeCurrent
  • Mail functionalityArchived
  • Min mailbox5
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Must have minimum 5 standard or professional mailbox active

Available addon:
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Billed annually RM600
  • Mailbox size50GB
  • Mail functionalityMail Flow
  • Min mailbox5

This package come with:

  • Native CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV clients
  • Email Client Access
  • Core features
    Webmail, Personal Address book, Global Address Book, Calendar, Chat, Task, Sharing, Online Document Editing

Available addon:
Billed annually RM1,200
  • Mailbox size100GB
  • Mail functionalityMail Flow
  • Min mailbox5

This package come with:

  • Native CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV clients
  • Email Client Access
  • Core features
    Webmail, Personal Address book, Global Address Book, Calendar, Chat, Task, Sharing, Online Document Editing, ActiveSync, Advance Email Security

Available addon:
  1. All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia.
  2. Can add additional seats anytime but can only reduce seats during renewal.
  3. Additional users will be prorated to existing account expiry date.
  4. Additional users must be in bundle of 5 mailbox.
  5. All Business Email Package is entitled to 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed.
  6. Please refer to our terms and condition for REFUND entitlement.
  7. Customers are required to select the correct product based on their requirements before placing an order.
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Zimbra Cloud 365 features comparison
Feature / Plan ArcMailbox Standard Professional
Secure access using https
Secure authentication with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Personalize domain access
Personalize domain SSL certificate
Password reset features
Custom logo on login page
Advance Search
Attachment Search
Attach files from computer
Attach files from email
Attach files from folders
Attach photo from emails
Attach from mail
Attach files from cloud storage (Nextcloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
Email Scheduling
Create and manage email template
Email folders and policy
Email tagging
Email signatures management
Personalize email filters
Personalize sender whitelist and blacklist
Personal session management
Dumpster recovery access
Global Address list
Personal distrobution list
Contacts sharing
Basic calendar features
Group scheduling
Resource scheduling (Location and Equipment)
Calendar sharing
Calendar tagging
Folders and Files
Structured files and folders
Sharing with internal and external parties
Sharing using email invites with access control
Sharing using secure links with access control
Create, edit and manage Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation online
Files versioning
Native Zimbra Desktop
Zimbra desktop for Windows
Zimbra desktop for Mac
3rd Party Desktop Client
POP and IMAP access
Secure POP and IMAP access
CardDAV Contacts access
CalDAV Calendar access
Outlook for windows (ZCO)
Outlook for MAC
Secure application passcode for incoming and outgoing settings
Mobile Devices
Modern responsive UI
POP and IMAP access
Secure POP and IMAP Access
CardDAV Contacts
CalDAV Calendar
Mobile Device Policy Management
Wipe lost device configuration
Secure application passcode for incoming and outgoing settings
Basic Email Security
Anti-Spam features
Anti-Virus features
Personalize email clasification
Advance Email Security
Next Generation dynamic detections
Threat inteligence with X-ray visibility
Incident response service
Zimbra Cloud 365 interface
Intuitive Webmail

Zimbra Cloud 365 is an email and collaboration platform that offers a webmail interface for users to access their emails and other communication tools. It provides users with a modern and intuitive experience with various features and capabilities.

Some of the key features of the Zimbra Cloud 365 webmail interface include:

Email management
Contacts management
Task management


Zimbra Cloud 365 is a feature-rich calendar application. Some of the main features of the Zimbra Cloud 365 calendar include:

Multiple Calendars
Sharing and Collaboration
Recurring Events
Invitations and RSVPs
Time Zones
Mobile Support

Overall, the Zimbra Cloud 365 calendar is a comprehensive and flexible tool that can help individuals and teams stay organized and efficient

Team Chat

Zimbra Cloud 365 Chat is an instant messaging and real-time collaboration platform. It allows users to communicate and collaborate in real-time, one-on-one or group conversations.

Zimbra Cloud 365 Chat offers a range of features, including the ability to send and receive instant messages, share files and images, and participate in group chats. It also includes presence indicators, which show whether a user is available, away, or offline.

Zimbra Cloud 365 Chat integrates with other Zimbra Cloud 365 components, such as email and calendar, to provide a complete communication and collaboration platform for organizations.


Zimbra Cloud 365 is an email and collaboration platform that allows users to share information. Here are some ways to communicate in Zimbra Cloud 365:

Calendar Sharing
Contact Sharing
Folder Sharing
Task Sharing

To share in Zimbra Cloud 365, right-click on the item you want to share (such as a calendar, contact, folder, or task) and select "Share" From there, you can choose the user or users you want to share with and set the appropriate level of access.

Document Collaboration

Zimbra Cloud 365 is an email and collaboration platform with a suite of document collaboration tools. Here are some of the features that make Zimbra Cloud 365 an excellent option for document collaboration:

Document Sharing
Version Control
Document Editing

Zimbra Cloud 365 provides a comprehensive suite of tools for document collaboration, including document sharing, version control, editing, integration with other devices, and security features. These features make it an excellent option for teams that need to collaborate on documents in real time while maintaining version control and ensuring the security of their documents.

Address Book

Zimbra Cloud 365 is an email and collaboration platform with various contact management features. Here are some of the vital contact features in Zimbra Cloud 365:

Contact Management
Contact Groups
Contact Sharing
Contact Import/Export
Contact Search
Contact Merging
Contact Syncing

Overall, Zimbra Cloud 365 provides comprehensive features for managing contacts, making it easier to stay organised and collaborate with others efficiently

Mobile Access

Zimbra Cloud 365 allows users to access their Zimbra Cloud 365 email, calendar, and contacts using native email protocols like SMTP, POP3, IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV from their mobile devices.

With ActiveSync enabled, you can access more advanced features, including your shared folder, without additional or 3rd party clients.

Access to our Zimbra Cloud 365 features
Online document editing

You can now manage, edit and collaborate your Microsoft documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) directly from your webmail.

2FA Secure Authentication

Secure your webmail access with an Additional security one-time password (OTP). Support Google Authenticator or LastPass.

Contacts Synchronization

No more missing contacts. You can now synchronize your email contacts from your webmail with your Android, iPhone, Mac and Desktop.

Calendar Synchronization

Managing your time and events has become more accessible. Synchronize your calendar with your Android, iPhone, Mac and desktop.

Secure File Sharing

You can now share documents with internal and external parties using secure sharing and prevent sending emails with huge attachments.

Huge Email Attachment

We have configured Zimbra Cloud 365 to enable you to send and receive emails with up to 50MB file attachments without issues.

Outlook ready

Are you a Microsoft Outlook user? You can continue to access your email mailbox using fully Exchange MAPI features and capabilities.


Sometimes, you need a simple discussion platform and channel to collaborate. Utilize our chat capabilities directly from your webmail.

Advance email security

Protect your email with our comprehensive protection, including the latest Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, BEC and advanced persistent threat.

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